Where is Fuji Shibazakura Festival site located ?
It is located about 3 km from lake Motosu to Fujinomiya alongside of route 139. Take note that it is not at Motosu lakeside.
How much is it for childrens’ fentrance fee?
The children less than 3 years old can go with ¥210
Is it light up at night ?
The closing time is up to 17:00. So no illumination afterwards.
How long does it take to go looking around all the site ?
It depends on the person concerned. On an average it takes about 60 to 90 minutes.
Is it possible with high heeled shoes for walk around ?
The sidewalk is well prepared, but not asphalted because of the national park regulation. The shoes easy to walk are recommended.
In case of rain ,is it open to the public ?
It is. However rain gears are recommended to be carried in case of bad weather forecast.
Do they sell rain gears ?
Yes, they do like vinyl umbrella for example.
Are there any restaurants ?
In Fuji shibazakura Festival, 「uMt.Fuji delicious food festival」vis held. The local famous cuisine are served in such as Fujiyoshida gourmet,「Yoshida Udon (noodles)」, the most popular local Class B gourmet 「Fujinomiya Yakisoba (fried noodles)」vand so on.
Could we spread out sheet mat for lunch in the Fuji shibazakura Festival site ?
No, you can't. We will prepare the assigned seats in the 「Mt.Fuji delicious food festival」site.
Is the site cold ?
The site is located in the highland area so that it might get cold , compared with the urban cities. So winter clothing might be recommended to bring in just in case.
Can the souvenirs be available to be bought at the site ?
There are stalls or stands for the local special products sale.
Are there any popular tourist sites near there ?
There are many sightseeing facilities around Lake Kawaguchi and Lake Motosu. Furthermore refer to
Would you advise how to get there from approachable stations ?
The shuttle bus is available from Kawaguchiko eki station. Also the direct express bus from Shinjuku can be used. The transportation during the Festival can be furthermorereferred to
Will the road there be congested ?
The site around will be congested during golden week holidays and on Sundays and Saturdays particularly in Rout 139. So the public transportation is recommended in case of congested parking or full of cars.
In case of lost things in the site.
We will keep them reported to us for a month as lost articles.
Contact: Fujizakura Festival office : TEL 0555-89-3031(8:00~17:00)
Please be advised about them in details.
How long does it take from the parking lot to the site ?
It takes about 7 minutes by walk through Mitsuba-tsutsuji azalea path to spreading
Shibazakura area. In case of the group or handicapped bus parking lot area, it is about two minutes' walk.
※「Handicapped parking lot 」is differently located from general car parking lot. Please contact the person in charge at the entrance to apply for it.
What is the parking lot capacity�H
About 1,000 normal sized cars parking is available.
Is camping available ?
It is not in Fuji Shibazakura Festival site. PICA Fuji-Saiko camping site near there is recommended.
Is lodging available ?
It is not. You can not lodge in Fuji Shibazakura Festival site. Please use the available lodging facilities near there.
How many toilets are there ? Are they available for handicapped ?
There are 4 available points. The toilets for handicapped can be found in the parking lot for handicapped and 「Mt.Fuji delicious food festival」site.
Can we buy camera at the site ?
Convenient camera is available in the site stands.
Could pets be entered as accompaniment ?
No, they can’t. Bringing them in the cage is also prohibited. Your co-operation in this point would be very much appreciated.
Why is it called, Ryujin-ike(literally Dragon pond) ?
In the olden times the dragon used to live in the Lake Motosu, calmed down the Mt.Fuji explosion and saved villagers there. People say that this dragon's spirit has been enshrined since then.
What kind of Shibazakura here in this site ?
There are 7 kinds in the Fuji Shibazakura Festival.
Furthermore refer to